Friday, September 14, 2012


It was special for me because i celebrated my birthday in Disneyland this year and meet many characters from various cartoon such as Monster Inc, Marry Poppins, 101 Dalmatian, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Winnie the Pooh, Cars, Mickey Mouse and Friends,Aladdin, Toy Story, Pinnochio, Alice in Wonderland and many brother planned it for was first time for me to celebrate in outside of my beloved country..and it was rare to for us right..i will keep this memory until the day of my last breath..

For whom want to make a surprise to your beloved person, make it extraordinary but make it simple because simple is nice and more special..that's my opinion..however,believe in your instinct when you want to make surprise..

For those get surprise, please appreciate it although it did not like what you want or dream..because if you ignore it,that person will felt sorry or sad..and maybe next time he or she will try better surprise for you..



Besides London, Birmingham and Chessington..we also went to Paris..U all must not believe with me if i said that the transport fee by bus(went) and cruise(leave) was only 0.50 pounds which is equal to RM2.50..what a cheap right??  just like i said before this, if you plan first you can go everywhere with a price that u can afford.

At there, we eat Churros which is like donut but in a long cylinder was nyummy if we eat when it still hot..hehehe..and the price also reasonable and affordable..we leave in City Residant Hotel,we went to Ecole Military, Hard Rock Cafe, Montmartre, Arc de Triomphe, The Musee du Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the special place for me which is Disneyland..why??wait for the next entry..hehehe



pd 24 mei 2012 yg lalu, sy, umi & adik telah dtg melawat abg sy yang belajar di Imperial College, London..kmi dtg utk meraikan hari graduasi master abg saya..TAHNIAH!!

Byk tpt2 yg menarik utk dilawati di sana seperti London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye, Bayswater, Regent's Park dan byk lglah..saya mencadangkn sekiranya anda ingin pergi melancong..watlah perncgn awl kerana dgn itu kita akn dpt pergi lebih byk tpt dan lbih teratur..klu x dpt g smua tpt,rugi sgt..huhu,jgn dh blik menyesl plak yer..hurm,klu nk tunjuk smua gbr mmg byk,x dpt nk upload smua gbr kt sni sbb memerlukn byk masa..



Thanks to my lovely friend, Nur Suriani binti Bahari for giving this opportunity.  Because of her i can write about my life also although it's just for a while..hehehe..

As you all can see, she such a lovely person who like to share information or story about her life.  She never refuse me if i ask some help from her.  Although sometimes I have not been there for her, she still be there for me anytime, anywhere and anything...she will try the best for me..

For Sue, if you read this entry..i want to tell you that I'm very thankful to have friend like you..and i would like to say sorry if i have done anything that can hurt your feeling but i never have intention to hurt you although for a second in my life..

And for all followers, never hurt your friend..take care of your friend like you take care other members of your family..because in your life,they can be a good father,mother,brother and sister for you.

Girl Is Like That

Assalamualaikum and a nice day today for me. The weather is not too hot. Just cloudy maybe. Because i am at the room now. hahahahaha.

If men know .. When a woman falls in love, the man does not necessarily have anything but the man is all in her mind.

If men know .. When a woman's tears, that does not mean she is weak, but she was looking for the strength to continue to persevere love the guy.

If men know .. When a woman angry, she was not able to control her feelings, but believe me, that means she is very concerned and caring

Just look at a new pair of lovers, they rarely fight. But trust their growing affection on someone, the more numerous the disunity.

There is more but when this post too long people won't read it. hehe. so till here. Bye! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Assalamualaikum to all my fellow friends.

Today i will tell you a story about Maru.

I think all of you know who is MARU. The cutest cat ever in youtube.

If you haven't see him click HERE.


ØName:  Maru
ØDate of birth: May 24, 2007
ØType:  Scottish Fold (prominent ears)
ØGender: Male
ØSpecial skill: Sliding into the box
ØPersonality: Cool at your pace. Type is said to be burning more and more useless.

Please enjoy this video from Maru. :)

That's all from me today . Bye! :D

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