Friday, September 14, 2012

Girl Is Like That

Assalamualaikum and a nice day today for me. The weather is not too hot. Just cloudy maybe. Because i am at the room now. hahahahaha.

If men know .. When a woman falls in love, the man does not necessarily have anything but the man is all in her mind.

If men know .. When a woman's tears, that does not mean she is weak, but she was looking for the strength to continue to persevere love the guy.

If men know .. When a woman angry, she was not able to control her feelings, but believe me, that means she is very concerned and caring

Just look at a new pair of lovers, they rarely fight. But trust their growing affection on someone, the more numerous the disunity.

There is more but when this post too long people won't read it. hehe. so till here. Bye! 

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